Advanced Illness Benefit

  Banking details for manual payments

  Chronic Illness Benefit medicine list (formulary)

  Dispute process

  Dental Benefit

  Emergency services

  Guide to Prescribed Minimum Benefits

  Guide to transplant claims submission

  HIV Antiretroviral (ARV) medicine list (formulary)

  HIV Basket of Care medicine list (formulary)

  HIV Nutritional and mother to child medicine list (formulary)

  HIV Supportive medicine list (formulary)

  HIVCare Programme

  International Travel benefit

  Malcor Funeral Cover

  Malcor Gap Cover

  Malcor TRA Assist

  Maternity benefit

  Menopause Medicine list formulary

  Motor Vehicle Accident

  Oncology benefit

  Oncology supportive medicine list (formulary)

  Optical benefit

  Prescribed Minimum Benefit Treatment Baskets

  Prevention and reporting of fraud

  Screening and Prevention