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A traditional, fully comprehensive
100% medical aid scheme
Good annual limits
All in hospital costs covered 100%
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A traditional, fully comprehensive
100% medical aid scheme
Average annual limits
All in hospital costs covered 100%
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A traditional, fully comprehensive 100% medical aid scheme designed for those seeing basic health care cover.
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A capitated, low cost option
by Enablemed.

Ambulance Service:
LifeMed 0861086911

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Welcome to the Malcor Medical Aid Scheme

The Malcor Medical Aid Scheme is the in-house health care vehicle for a number of associated employer groups. Those currently making use of it include, but are not limited to, Foodcorp, Unitrans Motor Holdings, Defy Appliances, Aspen Pharmacare, Omnia and Total Medical Care. The Scheme embraces the principles of managed health care and has been primarily designed to provide cost-effective, quality healthcare funding for its base of 11 500 members and dependents.

Malcor is registered with the Council for Medical Schemes – no 330